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Voters Say Yes to New Marijuana Laws

by Laura Pokrzywa With all the hubbub surrounding our nation’s President-elect, you may have missed a few other results from last week’s election. For example, voters in seven states elected to approve new marijuana laws in their state. That brings … Continue reading

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OSHA delays anti-retaliation rule . . . again.

Earlier this summer, Renee Mielnicki wrote about a new OSHA rule that could impact your accident reporting requirements. A few weeks later, she followed that article with an update about an announced delay for part of the new rule.  Once … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania just legalized medical marijuana. Are your policies ready?

by Renee Mielnicki, Esq. On April 17, 2016, Governor Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act, or SB3, legalizing medical marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania. The law goes into effect on May 17, 2016. Pennsylvania is now the 24th state … Continue reading

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Drug Testing in the Workplace: Some Basic Issues

by Renee Mielnicki, Esquire Besides leave of absence management issues, the second subject that I get the most questions about is drug testing employees in the workplace. I often get asked, “When can I test an employee who I think … Continue reading

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It’s “What’s Up? Wednesday”. Time to talk about PRE-EMPLOYMENT EXAMS . . .

You asked:  “Our company is about to start requiring pre-employment medical exams for some positions and pre-employment drug screens for all positions. Who pays for these tests? Is that the company’s responsibility or can we require the candidate to pay … Continue reading

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Synthetic drugs are on the radar, but they aren’t easy targets

Police departments around the nation are reporting an increase in robberies, violent crimes, and peculiar 911 calls thanks to the increased use of synthetic drugs, commonly known as “bath salts”, K2, Spice, Red Dragon, Genie and a host of other … Continue reading

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