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It’s “What’s Up? Wednesday”. Time to answer your question about workplace injuries and Workers’ Compensation . . .

You asked: “I know someone who got hurt at work. Her insurance got complicated because she waited to get medical care and then she didn’t see the “right” doctor. So I was wondering, what are you supposed to do if … Continue reading

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The best workplace investigations begin BEFORE a complaint is filed

If you have a health concern, you want to see a doctor you can trust. One who is prepared to listen to you, take your concern seriously, investigate all possible diagnoses, offer effective treatments and communicate clearly through the whole … Continue reading

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Hands-Free May Not Be Liability-Free…

We’ve all seen it.  The car in front of you is all over the lane, making hard stops, and dangerously cutting corners.  The problem isn’t drugs or alcohol.  The problem is a cell phone.  And it’s no small problem. According … Continue reading

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