Virginia Sorce

Claims Consultant
Phone: 724-978-7735
Fax: 724-864-8265

Professional Summary

I am one of ECRM’s ‘front-line’ claim specialists and is usually our clients’ first point of contact when a work-related injury occurs, which is where the crucial early-intervention and control of a workers’ compensation claim begins. I am is responsible for incident investigation, directing patient care, managing the medical treatment, and coordinating early return-to-work. I follow the progress of an injured employee’s recovery, until a full duty work release and discharge from care are obtained.

I came to ECRM from Highmark with 12 years experience in the medical case management, Workers Compensation claims, and Medicare Blues on Call departments.  I served on many employee engagement, community outreach, Health Care Reform, and fitness and wellness initiatives. I am an ongoing student of Penn State University World Campus with a multidisciplinary student designed major of Letters, Arts, and Sciences and Certificates in Organizational Communication and Labor Studies and Employment Relations.  

About Me

I am the bingo coordinator and a general volunteer for St. Ursula School which grooms students K-12 to “Enter to Grow Exit to Serve.”  I am married to a Union Boilermaker and have 2 children that are active in scouting, dance, and anything musical! My third child is a rescued, special needs Staffordshire pit bull terrier named Spartacus.  I am passionately support those in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and families effected by it.

Favorite Quote

“Have courage and be kind”- Cinderella

If you had to pick one meal to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

 Pizza with a wedge salad.

Where was your most memorable vacation?

This was more of a “pilgrimage” to Philadelphia in 2015 to attend the World Meeting of Families and see Pope Francis.  With my two best friends since childhood, we spent 2 whole days in celebration of the family and the sanctuary of love and life.  We heard Pope Francis speak about Religious Liberty in Independence Hall and attended the Holy Mass on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and all total walked an entire marathon in 2 days time.  During that time, I met others from all over the country and the world who had come to be a part of this historic event.  It was a trip that was definitely memorable, but also life altering.