Gwen Dickerson Bordenkircher

Senior Account Manager
Phone: (724) 978-7772
Fax: (740) 545-0675

Professional Summary

I have a Bachelor of Art Education (K-12) and a Bachelor in Elementary Education from Ohio State University. I taught in Columbus public schools and preschool in Coshocton, Ohio. I was the sole proprietor of West Lafayette Collectibles and Antiques for four years prior to being a partner with my husband, Stephen, at General Recovery, Inc., a TPA, for 8 years. At ECRM I am  responsible for overseeing Ohio claims management, fee bill processing and denials, illness claims management, MSP compliance, entering new State Fund and Illness claims, assisting with audits, and staff training. I also attend Ohio and PA BWC seminars and webinars.

About Me

 I am experienced as a Cadet/Senior Girl Scout leader, Cub Scout committee member, Webelos Leader, Cub Scout Camp Program Director, Boy Scout committee chair, and have had Boy Scout leader training. “Do Your Best “and “Be Prepared” are great mottoes for life! I have assisted at church as a Sunday school teacher, vacation bible school assistant, organizer of food and personal health item drives, and an Eucharistic Minister.
As our four children have become adults, my involvement with sports, performing arts, academics and pet has lessened. I am involved with the NAMI Family and Friend Support Group which meets monthly in Coshocton.

I acquired a couple of commercial properties and enjoy renovating and updating them. This sometimes involves different members of our families with all their talents. I love celebrating weddings, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and now I have a place that can be decorated and is big enough that everyone can attend.

Favorite Quote

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever
believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

If you had to pick one meal to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would pick breakfast at sunrise. It would include a tall, chilled glass of chocolate milk with a bowl of raspberries, bananas, and blackberries mixed with raspberry yogurt. This would be followed by a couple cups of flavored coffee … either pumpkin spice or French vanilla.

Where was your most memorable vacation?

Driving a southern route through Kentucky on our way to Texas while listening to our youngest push buttons on a book of states which pronounced Arkansas as “Marketsaw”. We visited relatives and stopped at a Walmart for a couple of VHS movies including a Sponge Bob. We watched a mouse sit on top of a cat which was standing on top of a dog walk through a parking garage in Santa Fe, NM. We saw the Loretto Chapel with the spiral staircase and ate at a fabulous Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque with more relatives who called the green van a “tank”. We visited the immense Grand Canyon and listened to a youth group sing “Amazing Grace” in a tower that had Native American drawings inside. We saw a longhorn eating flowers on the patio by the pool in Kayenta, AZ and returned through the Painted Desert. We chased lizards in Utah, smelled forest fires in Colorado, saw fireworks in Indianapolis and returned home to Ohio with two kids in the van who never tired of the Sponge Bob video.