SafeLandUSA Training

East Coast Risk Management is proud to provide safety training for the Oil and Gas Industry in the form of PEC-authorized SafeLandUSA orientations, with capabilities in both Basic Orientation as well as Core Competence. We offer these SafeLand safety training programs for onshore Oil and Gas Industry contractors throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.

SafeLandUSA is a volunteer organization with the purpose of developing a standardized orientation which sets minimum requirements for the US onshore E&P Industry. With SafeLandUSA orientations, Oil and Gas Industry contractors have a standardized safety training program which is recognized by the industry and accepted by most major operators.

Valuable PEC SafeLandUSA Training and Orientations for Oil and Gas Industry Contractors in Pennsylvania and Ohio

SafeLandUSA training programs have been shown to reduce Oil and Gas Industry contractors’ Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) to rates which are over two times lower than those without a SafeLand certification. This makes PEC SafeLandUSA orientations ideal for any Oil and Gas Industry contractor seeking a unified, streamlined safety training program.

Further Reasons to Participate in SafeLandUSA Training:

  • Program is designed specifically for the US Onshore E&P Industry
  • Industry-recognized, widely-accepted EH&S Orientation
  • Basic Orientation training stays with contractors throughout their careers
  • Audit program and oversight committee for quality assurance
  • Eliminate the redundancy of multiple safety training programs and orientations
  • Easy to access orientation

At East Coast Risk Management, we are pleased to be a PEC-authorized trainer serving onshore oil and gas contractors throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio with these quality safety training programs. PEC SafeLand USA safety training courses are your source for a safer work site, reduced insurance costs, and fewer workers’ compensation claims.

Call us today at (724) 864-8745 or contact us to learn more about how East Coast Risk Management can serve all of your PEC SafeLandUSA training needs in Pennsylvania and Ohio.