Sizable contracts are awarded to companies and subcontractors who can demonstrate exceptional safety records supported by proactive, carefully-managed safety programs.

Are you pre-qualifying the subcontractors who work with you or who represent your interests to major customers? Do you know if their safety programs are fully compliant with OSHA and DOT regulations? If any of your subcontractors have poor safety records or inadequate safety programs, they could be jeopardizing your ability to win new bids or to keep those lucrative contracts.

Here’s the Solution:

ECRM-RAP (Risk Assessment Process) is a web-enabled data base that organizes all your subcontractors’ safety-related information into one easy-to-access location. With ECRM-RAP, a few quick clicks allow you to keep track of your subcontractors’ business so you can stay on top of your own. Here’s how it works:

We plan: Our safety professionals will work with you to determine minimum safety requirements for all your subcontractors.

We gather: We will work with your subcontractors to gather all their relevant information and enter it into the database.

We evaluate: Our safety experts evaluate the scope and effectiveness of your subcontractors’ safety programs with a thorough review of their safety records, safety-related policies, training, insurance certificates, and compliance with applicable DOT and OSHA requirements.

We inform:
If our audit reveals any deficiencies in their programs or certifications, we will advise them and you of the corrective actions needed to bring them into line with your standards.

You win: With your unique login to the ECRM-RAP website, you can follow the entire process to see which subcontractors are passing and which are failing to meet your standards. Best of all, when that key customer wants to know what you are doing to evaluate the safety performance of all your subcontractors, just pull up the ECRM-RAP website. Then get ready for more business.