Estimated Annual Accident Costs
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Annual Number of Occupational Deaths
Annual Number of Lost Workday Cases
Annual Number of Reportable Cases Without Lost Work Days
Total Estimated Annual Cost of Occupational Deaths, Injuries and Illnesses
*Using National Safety Council average costs for 1998, includes both direct and indirect costs, excludes property damage.

Impact of Accidents on Profits and Sales
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Sales Volume
Profit Margin
Sales Volume x % Profit = Annual Profits
Accident Costs
Accident Costs as a Percent of Profits
**Amount of Sales Needed to Replace Lost Profits
** Not all indirect costs will impact a company's bottom line on a dollar for dollar basis. Therefore, using all indirect costs within the calculation overestimates the amount of sales needed to replace lost profits. Likewise, only using direct costs in this comparison would underestimate the amount of sales needed. Actual costs will be somewhere in between the two figures.