Company History and Mission

In the year 2000, after 20 years of risk management experience with Fortune 500 companies and a desire to bring his results-oriented philosophy to more businesses, Michael Lukart, CSP, CWCA, formed Huntingdon Industrial Services. Six years later, East Coast Risk Management (ECRM) was founded to better reflect Huntingdon’s growth, direction and innovative business concepts.

ECRM’s clients range from small and medium sized businesses to large, multi-national organizations. With five offices located in Pennsylvania, two in Ohio, one in Indiana, and two in North Carolina, ECRM is capable of quickly responding to the specific needs of any size organization.

Every service that ECRM provides is results-oriented. ECRM’s success is directly linked to the high level of success experienced by our clients. Our business philosophy is simple and direct:

“The entire business process and culture of our clients is taken into consideration, to maximize the impact on the client’s bottom line.”

East Coast Risk Management prides itself on its reputation as a long-term, relationship oriented partner.

Our 95% retention rate is the true testament to that success.

Our business partners see us as a member of their staff; someone equally focused on their business objectives.