Imagine the scenario: You get a call from out in the field. An employee has been injured and may need medical attention. How can you properly assess the situation when the employee is so far away and there are no trained medical professionals on site? Is a trip to the emergency room in order? Or can this be treated with simple first aid in the field? Those are critical decisions. Unnecessary trips to the emergency room can cost your company thousands of dollars, not to mention the loss of valuable man hours and productivity. But improper or inadequate care can be even more devastating – to your injured employee and to your bottom line.

Here’s the Solution:

You can ensure your employee gets the appropriate treatment any time, day or night, with one quick call to ECRM’s First-Call Medical. Our specially-trained nursing staff is on call 24/7 for early intervention when an injury or illness occurs, no matter what the location.

The process is simple. It begins when the injured worker, or a designated representative, calls the triage hotline. They will immediately be connected with a nurse who will interview the caller to assess the situation. This certified medical professional will then recommend the best immediate care, whether it would be first aid on site or a trip to the hospital or an occupational health clinic. The nurse then helps return your employee to work as soon as possible by remaining in close communication with you, the employee, claims handlers and medical providers throughout the process.

By managing each work-related claim at the earliest point, you can minimize OSHA recordables, reduce employee lost time, control the cost of workers’ compensation claims, and get employees back to work sooner. That is good news for your employees and your bottom line.

We save you even more money by eliminating start-up fees. You will not be charged until you actually need to make use of this valuable service.

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