What to do when a worker is injured:

Before the Call:

  1. An injury occurs in the workplace.
  2. The employee places the call to our toll-free number that is placed on his or her hard hat sticker, or provided wallet card.

During the Call:

  1. The nurse speaks to the employee in a confidential area and does initial assessment of symptoms to rule out urgent/emergent situation. Self-care treatment measures may be recommended to ensure employee comfort during the call.
  2. Nurse obtains demographic data.
  3. Nurse gathers injury information.
  4. Nurse gathers past medical history, current medical problems, medications, allergies, etc.
  5. Nurse evaluates employee symptoms utilizing medical triage guidelines.
  6. Nurse provides recommendation on course of treatment.
  7. Nurse and employee agree upon course of treatment.
  8. Next level of care, when to call back, self-care treatment measures are reviewed and employee understanding is assessed. All callers are invited to call back if they have additional questions/concerns.
  9. If treatment is recommended, a provider referral is provided.
  10. Other service coordination is offered, which may include a pharmacy recommendation.
  11. First Report of Injury information is sent for claims setup, etc.
  12. All Self-Care recommendations are scheduled for an attempted follow-up call.

After the Call:

  1. An Automated Point of Injury Report is sent secure fax or e-mail to designated employer contacts.
  2. A nurse conducts the follow-up call to ensure that the employee is achieving the goals of the self-care treatment.
  3. Random Satisfaction Surveys are completed as part of our ECRM First-Call Medical Quality Program.