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In addition to giving our clients expert support and technical assistance, ECRM offers clients the opportunity to dive deeper into those areas that present the greatest risk to their bottom line; areas such as Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation, Safety and Environmental issues. ECRM University is equipping clients with the knowledge and resources they need to maintain their competitive edge.

Claims Webinars

Human Resource Webinars

Safety Webinars


Claims Webinars

The Importance of Filing Timely Workers’ Compensation Claims
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This webinar is designed to educate on why filing workers’ compensation claims timely is a benefits to all parties involved. We will also review what steps to take in the event of an injury, and what essential information must be obtained. Also this will help all parties better understand WC laws and their insurance carrier timelines in the event of a claim.


Human Resource Webinars

The Basics of FMLA
The Family Medical Leave Act is complicated! If you are a covered employer, you are responsible to know the law and administer it properly.
We know how intimidating that can be. That is why we have created this 3-part series of webinars — to take the mystery out of FMLA and help you get it right.

Part I: The Basics of FMLA
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• Who is a covered employer
• Who is eligible for FMLA
• The reasons that qualify an employee for FMLA leave
• The forms needed to administer FMLA and the timelines for sending them
• The basics of intermittent leave under FMLA
• Return-to-work rights for employees taking FMLA leave

Part II: Balancing FMLA and the ADA
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• Which employers are covered by the ADA
• Mistakes that can trigger a discrimination claim
• Initiating the interactive process
• What is a reasonable accommodation
• How an ADA leave may extend beyond FMLA
• How the ADA and FMLA overlap on return-to-work


Avoiding the Handbook of Epic Failure
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Take a walk through an employee handbook audit to discover those critical issues that leave too many organizations unnecessarily vulnerable. Our experts will show you how to correct those common problems and turn your handbook into the vital protection you need.


Employee Discipline & Terminations
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Learn the do’s and dont’s of employee discipline. We will discuss how to create an effective discipline policy, what is proper documentation (and what isn’t!), and the best ways to carry out a termination.


Employee Evaluations
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Employee evaluations are an essential part of performance measurement. Done right, they will encourage engagement, bring employees in line with company goals, and ultimately reduce turnover.


Employee Recognition & Performance Management
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The vast majority of employees say positive reinforcement and recognition are major motivators for them.  So when was the last time you gave an employee recognition for a job well done?  If you think you don’t have time for proactive performance management, think again. It not only motivates employees to do a good job, it also motivates them to stay.  Engaged and motivated employees consistently perform better which leads to less time spent managing bad performance.


Hiring the Right People, the Right Way
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Does your company have standardized hiring practices?  Are you confident that your start-to-finish process will net you the best candidate and keep you out of trouble?  From recruiting to interviewing to pre-employment testing to on-boarding and training – the hiring process is full of potential land mines.  Make sure your company is doing it right!


Human Resources: Just the Essentials PLEASE!
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An introduction to our HR Shield detailing the most basic HR protections that every organization must have  – no matter what size or industry. We include a look at the employment laws you must know, and the HR policies and best practices that will strengthen and protect your company’s bottom line.


Safety Webinars

How to Prepare for a DOT Audit
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A webinar to review the following topics in regard to a DOT Audit.

• Who Can be Audited?
• The Six Key Audit Factors
• How to Interpret your Safety Report
• What to do if you are Audited